Article 19: Additional Time and Exam Rights for Students in the Graduation Phase Announcement

  1. Students in the graduation phase who receive a grade of (FF) or (FD) from two credit courses or one non-credit course (U) if they fulfill the attendance requirement have the right to additional time and or make-up exam.
  2. Stuents who have not recieved a grade of (FF) or (FD) and whose GPA is below 2.00 can have additional time to take at most two credit courses from which she or he earned a grade of (DD), (DC), or (CC).
  3. Students may only use their right to additional time and make-up exam once.

9-13  July  2020  Student applications to the Department of Student Affairs

15 September 2020    Last day to inform Student Affairs of exam results


Note 1: Article 19 applications and exams will be done through remote access.

Note 2: You can send your petition to after you have signed it.


For the application petition, click here.