Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, classes you took during semesters when you were not officially registered count toward your degree.

No, a student’s enrolment cannot be cancelled without his or her consent.

You should apply to the Student Affairs Office with a petition by the dates specified in the Academic Calendar. If the Institute’s Board of Directors approves the petition, you may pay the tuition fee late.

Students who do not pay the tuition fee at all lose their enrolment and education rights for that semester.

You can apply for a new Student ID Card with the Student Affairs Office by filling out a Lost Student ID Card Report and getting signatures from the relevant personnel.

You will then take the signed document to the local police station in the district where you lost your card and ask for it to be processed with an official “KİHBİ” stamp.

Submit the stamped Lost Student ID Card Petition to the Student Affairs Office, pay the replacement fee of 25 TL, and obtain a receipt.

If you would like your ID photo to be renewed, submit one passport photo to the Student Affairs Office.

Students can suspend their studies at IZTECH for a maximum of two semesters in the preparatory school and four semesters in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

To suspend your studies, you must apply during the course selection period to your department with a petition stating your reasons.

A maximum of nine credits can be taken during summer school.

Add/drop and withdrawal processes are not applied to summer courses.

You can only attend summer school at universities whose medium of instruction is 100% English, and course content must be approved by your department chair. In order for these courses to be included in your transcript, you must obtain the approval of the department chair and the department board of directors.

Yes, you can write a petition within three days following the add/drop deadline. The petition should be signed by your advisor and the instructor of the course you want to take and turned into Student Affairs.

Students who have fulfilled graduation requirements are allowed a maximum period of two semesters if they would like to repeat courses to increase their GPA’s. These students should apply to Student Affairs with a petition within three days after grade reports have been released. Students can repeat courses they took in the past two semesters for which they received DD or DC.

Students who want to repeat courses apply to their departments with a petition. Approved petitions must be sent to Student Affairs by the add/drop deadline.

Students with GPAs below 1.8 must repeat their courses and cannot take any new courses (except for non-credit courses) until their GPA reaches 1.8.

Students who receive a grade of FF, FD< NA, W or U from a course must repeat that course the next semester it is offered. If these courses are elective or later excluded from the program, students must take classes deemed equivalent by the department chair.

Students can repeat courses they passed in order to improve their score, as long as the department chair approves the new class as equivalent. Courses must be repeated during the next summer school session or within the next 2 semesters.

The course load is the number of credited courses in the education plan of each department.

In the case of a course schedule conflict, one of the courses should be dropped. If one of the courses is a course the student failed, he or she must take that course.

Students cannot withdraw from any courses in the first two semesters, except for repeated courses being taken to increase the final grade.

Students can withdraw from one course per semester and a maximum of six courses over the course of their undergraduate study.

Students cannot withdraw from courses that they have to repeat, courses from which they previously withdrew, or courses that are not included in the CGPA.

Withdrawal is not allowed if it causes the course load to decrease to 2/3 of the normal course load as a result.

Withdrawal can be done after the add/drop deadline, by the withdrawal deadline on the Academic Calendar.

Obtain a withdrawal card from your department secretary.

Ask the instructor of the course to sign the withdrawal card.

Ask your advisor to sign your withdrawal card. Submit a copy to your advisor, who will enter the withdrawal information onto OBS. Keep a copy of the withdrawal card for yourself.