Undergraduate Transfer Between Institutions

It is the type of undergraduate transfer that allows other university students to transfer from the program they are studying to the program of the same name in our Institute. Or, it is the type of undergraduate transfer that allows them to switch to the program where at least eighty percent of the program content is found to be the same.

(For Detailed Information: Undergraduate Program Inter-Institutional Undergraduate Transfer Directive )

  • Applications for undergraduate transfer to the undergraduate programs of our Institute are made to the Registrar’s Office on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar of our Institute. Detailed application notice is published on our website (oidb.iyte.edu.tr) before the application deadlines.
  • There is also detailed information about the subject on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Design programs have additional evaluation criteria for  Inter-Institutional Transfer Applications. Please click to access the document explaining the additional evaluation criteria.