Information about Undergraduate Student Course Selection

You must choose courses in accordance with the regulations of our institute and/or the Student Affairs Rules and Regulations, Senate Decisions and other such regulations. If you detect a contradiction between these regulations and your ÖBS (Student Information System) course selections, please contact your advisor and the Registrar’s Office.


In order to complete registration, the following steps must be completed in the order they are listed. If one of these steps is skipped, your registration will be incomplete.

  • Students exceeding the normal education period, international students and students studying at our institute as a second university must pay the tuition fee.
  • Course selection
  • Advisor approval


Increasing Class Size Limits

The class size limits will be increased during the last two days of the add-drop period by the department secretary. The Office of Student Affairs does not have the authority to increase class size limits.


Elective Course Registration

You can register for elective courses by clicking on the Course Registration tab on ÖBS (the Student Information System). Technical Elective Courses can be selected under the ELT category, and Social Elective Courses can be selected under the ELS category. When selecting ELT and ELS courses, students must select courses that they have not previously taken.


Other Considerations for Course Selection

  1. The course load of first year students consists of the first year courses specified in the education plan of the student’s respective department. First year students cannot take courses from subsequent years in the education plan (including Turkish and History courses). (Undergraduate Rules and Regulations, Article 8/2)
  2. There should be no time conflict in the student’s selected courses. (Undergraduate Rules and Regulations, Article 8/5)
  3. Students with cumulative grade point averages lower than 1.8 must repeat the courses they have previously taken until their cumulative grade point average reaches 1.8. They cannot take courses that they have not previously taken (except for non-credit courses) or courses from which they earned a grade of (W). (Undergraduate Rules and Regulations, Article 17/2)
  4. Course Load: The required course load for a student in a given semester is specified in the education plan of the student’s department. (Undergraduate Rules and Regulations, Article 8/1)
  5. If the advisor sees fit, the student may increase his or her course load by a) two courses if the student’s GPA is at least 2.0, b) three courses if the student’s GPA is at least 2.5, c) three courses if the student is in his or her seventh or eighth semester and has a GPA of at least 2.0. (Undergraduate Rules and Regulations, Article 8/4)
  6. For course equivalence and substitution procedures, students must apply to their departments during the add-drop period. (Undergraduate Rules and Regulations, Article 18/3)