Information for our New Students

Note:1 Please visit the link below for the details of English Proficiency Exam:


Note:2 as a result of the English Placement Exam, students who will continue their education in the Prep Class must follow the announcements on


Note:3 As a result of the English Placement Exam, our students who are eligible to transfer to the program as exempt from the Prep Class, will be able to complete their course selection process through the Student Information System (ÖBS) by following the 2020-2021 Fall Semester Registration Renewal Announcement, which will be published in the Announcements Section at


  1. Student Information System (ÖBS)


Click the link below to login to IZTECH Student Information System.

Username: Your Student Number

Password: You have to write the password sent from to the e-mail address you provided during application

Important Note: After entering the student information system, the information in the “Contact Information” field under the “General Transactions” menu must be updated or filled in if empty. Since 2020-2021 Fall semester classes will continue online, your mobile phone and e-mail information that you specified on the system must be up to date.

  1. IZTECH Corporate E-Mail Account


The activation link for your IZTECH e-mail (for undergraduate students:, for graduate students: will be sent to your e-mail address. You must have activated your account on the link sent.


  1. Microsoft Teams Account


To use the Microsoft TEAMS application, you must use your Office 365 corporate account. Office 365 Enterprise accounts

It is given in the form.


Please follow up to create your Office 365 corporate account.


  • Visit help page, which explains how to create your Office 365 Enterprise account.
  • Please visit to create your Office 365 Corporate Account.
  • Follow the steps described on the Help page, create your Office 365 Enterprise account information and activate your account.
  • You can log in to web page with your Office 365 Corporate Account information (name for undergraduate students, name for graduate students) and download the TEAMS application. you can use.
  • To learn more about Microsoft Teams and for training videos, visit help page.


  1. Course Management System (CMS)


Course Management System (CMS); You can login to page with your corporate e-mail address and password. For more information about Cms, visit help page.


  1. English Placement Exam


You can access detailed information about the placement exam at the School of Foreign Languages ​​website