2024-2025 Academic Year Fee Payment and Document Delivery Procedures of Principal Candidates Who Have Been Enrolled in Undergraduate Programs within the Scope of Foreign Student Admission

Registration Schedule
Tuition Payment 01-05 July 2024
Document Delivery (by e-mail) 01-05 July 2024
Registration Process (in person) 02-06 September 2024


Important Note: The candidate who does not pay the tuition fee or does not submit all required documents will lose his/her right to enroll!


Tuition Fee Payment Transactions

2024-2025 Academic Year Fall Term Tuition Fees
Faculty of Science programs 500 dollars
Engineering and Architecture Faculty programs 600 dollars
* Fees stated are net amounts that must be accounted for. All expenses incurred in transferring money belong to the student.


  • Tuition fees for the 2024 Fall Semester of the 2024-2025 Academic Year must be paid between 01-05 July 2024.
Fee Payment Information
Türkiye IBAN No: TR14 0001 2009 7130 0053 0001 94

Halkbank, Urla Branch, US Dollar Account

Abroad IBAN No: TR14 0001 2009 7130 0053 0001 94

Swift Code: TRHBTR2A


  • During the payment, NAME AND SURNAME OF THE STUDENT must be written in the explanation part.




Document Delivery Transactions


Candidates should send the documents listed below to lykayit@iyte.edu.tr between 01-05 July 2024.



1- Original high school diploma,

2- High School Diploma Translation (Required if the diploma is not in English or Turkish) (It must be approved by the foreign representatives of Turkey or made by the Notaries in Turkey),

3- High school diploma equivalency certificate (must be obtained from the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey or from the foreign representatives of Turkey),

4- Transcript,

5- Any of the following documents showing that you have sufficient financial security to continue your education in our country:

a) A copy of the bank wallet showing that there is a US dollar corresponding to 100.000 TL (one hundred thousand Turkish Lira) in your bank account,

b) If you are a scholarship holder, a document proving that you are a scholarship holder,

c) Commitment signed by your guarantor (Click for the Commitment) and copy of the bank wallet showing that there is a US dollar corresponding to 100.000 TL (one hundred thousand Turkish Lira) in guarantor’s bank account,

6- Passport

7- TR-YÖS Exam Score Document


Registration procedures

  • The registration of the candidates who have paid the tuition fee and submitted the necessary documents for registration will be made in case they come to our Institute in person (or it will be done in case of the arrival of the people to whom they will give power of attorney from the notary publics in Turkey) with the original documents between 02-06 September 2024.
  • Registration announcement will be published in the Student Affairs website (oidb.iyte.edu.tr)



Phone: +90 (232) 750 6313 / 6326 / 6310

E-mail: lykayit@iyte.edu.tr



English Proficiency Exam
It is an exam to determine the English language level of the students. The aim of the exam is to determine whether the students’ level of English is at a level that they can follow the courses in their departments at IZTECH where the medium of instruction is English.
For detailed information about the English Proficiency Exam, follow the address ydyo.iyte.edu.tr