Article 19: Announcement of Additional Time and Examination Rights for the Students who are about to Graduate

  1. Students who are in the graduation position and fulfill the attendance requirement by obtaining a (U) grade from two credit courses in which they received an (FF) or (FD) grade and/or a non-credit course that does not participate in their grade point average are given additional time and/or the right to take the exam. If an additional time and/or examination right is requested for a course that failed with an NA, this course must be taken before and graded by meeting the attendance requirement.
  2. A student, who is in graduation status and cannot achieve a 2.00 GPA despite not having a failed course (FF, FD), is given the right to take an additional exam once out of a maximum of two courses.
  3. The student can benefit from the additional time and additional examination right only once.

June 26-28, 2024  Applications of students to the Registrar’s office.

September 20, 2024 Last day to report the exam results to the Registrar’s office.

Note: After filling out and signing their petitions, our students can personally submit them to the Registrar’s Office or send them to from the e-mail address of ………………… given to them by IZTECH.

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